Polymer talk at stahlstadt.js

I held a talk at the local linzer stahlstadt.js meetup about polymer and the current state of webcomponents

Creating a SVG color wheel

A couple of weeks ago I was tasked with updating the style and asset library in the company where I work. This asset library is presented and made available to everybody in the company as an internal web site, and the icon library alone grew in the last year from around 100 icons to more than 400 icons today.

Finally got my Glyph

About 2.5 years ago I backed a project about a mobile theatre system called the Avegant Glyph. At that time the Oculus Rift DevKit 1 was gaining some momentum. Unfortunately the screen resolution of the oculus was very underwhelming. That was why I was so amazed at the approach taken by the Avegant team.

Linting liquid files in javascript

Scaling projects with static site generators can be pretty tough. Splitting content creation from the actual compilation is a usually a good first step. The latest project I was working on was an enterprise website, which was built with a rather extensive gulp pre-build steps and a Jekyll compilation step to generate the final html.

Getting started with hugo

Static site generators are a great tool to quickly build or mock up a website. I really love them and have tested myself through a couple of them already. There is one major downside, that almost all of them have. They are ridiculously hard to set up for people who do not have a development background. This might not bother you if you are using them to create your own sites, but if you need to deliver a website to a client, who - god forbids - wants to edit his content himself, you are a little bit screwed.

Collection subsets with jekyll 3

As I'm working a lot more with static site generators and fell in love with the hackability of jekyll. Especially with the pre-alpha release of Jekyll 3 and the introduction of hooks into the generation process. This opened up a lot of possibilities.

Static site generators for non-blog sites

I really fell in love with static site generators in the last couple of months. Thinking about the websites I usually create, there isn't a lot of dynamic content in there. This is why I started to experiment with static site generators like jekyll and middleman. They are well crafted tools for creating a simple blog or blog like sites (i.e. documentation sites), but as you start getting towards more layout heavy pages you start to struggle with the limited layout capabilities brought by markdown.